Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thinking about the Future

QUINTON:  "what family am I going to be in when I'm older?"

US:  "you will get to choose your family, you will still be in ours, but you will choose your wife and have your own kids"

KEEDON:  "i know my kids."   then he puts his head down in his arms  "oh, man, I don't know what their names are going to be... "

US:  giggling

KEEDON:  "But, I will have a bigger brain when I'm a grown-up right, so I will know then"

Think about it Bud, it took us a while!

A little while later:  in a Random moment...

QUINTON:  "I choose Leslie Merrell's family."
 ME: "What?"
QUINT:  "I will choose to be in Leslie, James and Ben and Briannas family."

KEEDON:  "but, where are you guys gonna live when I am a daddy in this house?"

CAMBEL:  "Holy My!"  instead of "oh my"  or "holy cow"


Leslie said...

Oh!! I choose Quint, too! I am a little scared of Q & B's intense attachment, and yet, secretly, I hope it lasts FOREVER! How fun would that be?! Holy My!!

You, Coby, James and I can all live in the same old folks home, since our kids are determined to take over our houses!

Leslie said...

Btw, Brianna tells us repeatedly that if we want to be safe during a fire, or fire drill, we need to get out of our house, and go to the Jones'!

Robbie and Darcy said...

How cute! I wanna be in your family when I'm a mommy...maybe I will just take yours!