Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This is part of my "job"!

Ok, went to the store, well a couple stores, my total was 215.12... but, what I spent was 67.44!!! BooYah... and I got good stuff, Ritz, chex mix, milk, tons of bread, cheese, goldfish, chicken nugs, potatoes, soda, OREOS, valentines chocolate, poptarts, soup, frozen veggies, ETC.... Here's my trick... I get three Denver Posts each week, just for the coupons, and they were good on Sunday... if anyone wants a subscription you can get one for 1 dollar a week for each subscription THROUGH ME... LET ME KNOW! So, I pay 12 bucks a month, but, I wash that amount in one trip to the store, and save tons on top of that! (PS: I pay for 6 mos at a time, so 36.00 bucks each sub.)

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Leslie said...

You are amazing in SO many, many ways! Way to go!