Thursday, May 3, 2012


We stained our new floors.  Dark.  Love it, it looks so dramatic.
But, I'm disliking that it shows everything... which Lynette, Coby's mom warned me about...
why didn't she just tell me not to go dark!?
My friend told me I need to just sweep more often... cuz, 2 times a day is not enough...
My other friend... she told me to get a swiffer... and swiffer it, "it's so great for the dust"
Well, I'm not looking at dust right now... I'm looking at the millionth crumb of the day, the little plastic wrapper from who knows what, the dirt from outside... not dust, dirt... I can't use a swiffer until I sweep it AGAIN!
I miss my old outdated orangey colored floors... that I didn't mop until my sock stuck to something as I walked over it... (I know, sounds gross. but, seriously, they never looked dirty.)

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