Monday, September 13, 2010

Some things we love about Junction...

The Natural Abundant Produce...
   Grapes from our OWN Grape vine

25 Quarts of Grape Juice
9 Pints of Jam

Our very OWN garden:
Here's the story behind our garden:
It didn't grow at all the first year.
or the second.
The third ~ I dug it out by 2 feet (yes all of it, and yes I was pregnant with Berklie) It is 12x15 feet.
I then had 2 feet worth of garden soil brought in, after I lined it like you would a garden box (we had tree roots coming up from the ground choking out our garden)
Then I put all the previously dug out dirt back in the garden.
All by myself.  Coby then tilled it, and nourished it and composted it.  It was amazing.  I canned 30 pints of tomatoes, 16 pints of salsa, the boys got their pumpkins from our own patch, and we had zucchini taking over our counter tops, and garage shelves!
This year I also canned 40 quarts of Peaches, 9 Quarts of Apple Pie filling and 17 Quarts of Applesauce.
(Kacey got all my apples for me, seriously, she picked 6 bags of apples for us! She also taught me how to CAN... so much patience!) I also froze 15 jars of Strawberry jam, 12 jars of Apricot jelly, and 3 Quart bags of Peaches for smoothies... Coby makes the best peach berry smoothie.  (and my friend Leslie makes the best Peach shakes, she calls them smoothies, only to make us all feel better about drinking a ton of her concoctions!)
We also have a huge strawberry patch, thanks to my friend Dawnee, who came and planted 50% of it while I was gone!  What a great surprise that was two summers ago, and now we reap the rewards...


Leslie said...

you are my hero! I truly and wholeheartedly want to be like you! You are the best mom and homemaker in the world! Thanks for being such a good example to me, and such a good friend!

Linda said...

All I can say is, you're AMAZING!