Friday, August 27, 2010

If I could have an assistant

So, She is officially my personal assistant.  When her and Robbie came to visit (see the following post that she even wrote!) she was on top of doing all the things for me that I never get to myself.  I am always preoccupied with the boys and baby that I forget stuff for myself, she was sticking flowers in my hair, handing me gum, getting me water, and tending to the child that was on hold at any given time, since with 4 someone is always on hold.  She is amazing, I just feel bad cuz I can't pay her what she is worth.
(She makes great money as a legal and personal assistant to two lawyers, and is really good and professional at it.)
Thanks for blogging for me too Darcy!
PS: I'd have more posts of all the funny stuff that goes on around here if I really had an assistant!

1 comment:

Robbie and Darcy said...

I would LOVE to be your assistant! Your great meals and entertainment are priceless! I'll come visit again soon!