Wednesday, March 16, 2011


While putting him down for bed:
I said "what was your favorite part of today?"
He said:  "eating carrots in the kitchen, when I was naked."


kendra said...

ALL Boy - through and through!
love it...

and, by the way, the last comment you left on the blog about, you know, how perfect I am... well yeah. that's so not true. and you have to know how much I look up to you. seriously wish we lived closer. I miss you. I think you are so awesome. we are trying to get back to CO after the Air Force. Maybe by then you'll be in Denver and maybe just maybe we can finally catch up (in person). but when you go to utah save an hour for me and I'll drive down to meet you for lunch - and I'm SERIOUS!
(by the way - what are you doing for cardio that your orange soda is interfering with? I need some new workout ideas.)

Chase said...

Ba ha ha! Three-year-olds are hilarious. That is seriously so funny. Can you blame a guy, its not everyday you get to participate in something like that. Is that the only way he will eat carrots :)? Love you guys! Miss you!

Leslie said...

Aw!! Love it! Love him!

Emily Jones said...

Is that how I get my kids to eat carrots!!!!!!!!!!!
Let them be naked! You gotta share these tips more often!
:Love those boys, and your little lady too!