Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Team Coby

Best fan club ever ~Coby
Let me just say that I did not start this race feeling like a steller mountain biker.  When my brother Ryan suggested we ride in the Vail Teva games in the beginner bracket, I thought that could be fun and doable, how hard could a 'beginner' race be.  My thoughts quickly changed halfway through the first lap from how fast can I push myself to can I even finish this race?  After a grueling 2,000 foot climb in elevation over 9 miles, I was graced at the finish line with the best fans a guy could have!  My wife surprised me with the whole family wearing these shirts!  What a great woman she is, and what a great inspiration to me.  I had to finish the race now.  Not only did I finish but did so without crashing, and wasn't even last person across the finish line, that was a win for me.  It turned out to be a great birthday ride in a beautful mountian town, and some great company (My family of course, my mom and dad, my brother Ryan and wife Jess with their kids, and my brother Brandt)  Thanks everyone!

Myself and my brothers Brandt and Ryan

Quinton on the climbing wall.  (He wasn't heavy enough to repel back down, so we had to retrieve him)
 Keedon was a rockclimbing animal; cruising to the top... no real surprise as he can climb anything that we tell him not to!
These boys rode their bikes all over Vail Village on Saturday, crazy endurance...

I was absolutely starving after the race, my parents took us to a great restaurant in Vail.  They took us to celebrate my birthday, because yes, the race was on my birthday too... 
Check out this huge BBQ hamburger my dad got for dinner...
Way to go Poppy! (and Jess, she packed away this bad boy also!)

My mom is awesome, she decorated our hotel room door, for my bday, I was surprised!
Poppy and Grams were such a big help with the kids, grams had treats for them with her all weekend... our kids love their grandparents! 
You thought racing was tough, try waiting for all the mountain bikers to finish!
~Written by Coby


cornflakesgirl said...

dear friend I love hearing about your beautiful family!!!

kendra said...

cutest family ever! what a great idea for the shirts. You guys are so fun!